Saturday, November 2, 2013

Summer turns to fall.

I'm back where I belong.  You may ask, "How do you know?".  I don't.  But I do.  I don't know until it's over.  Our memories define our past, present and future.  Our past memories, hopefully, give us something to look forward to.  My time here with the guys on a boat with no where to go is something to look forward to next year.  I can't possibly explain how good i've had it since coming to Washington. 

This post isn't about Washington.  I don't really know what it's about.  I want to throw the guilt trip on myself for not posting.  Here's the reality- I will always post.  I may not do it as frequently as I used to but I will always post.  So keep checking if you so please. 
This girl keeps getting cuter.  And it's not cause i'm bias she just does!
 Discovering puddles!
Traveling is always hard but its worth every minute when I see the expression on my parents face what skype or Facetime could't capture.

S.K.I.P 2nd generation. 

We got in and did the 40 yard dash before quickly getting off the field.

We are home now and fall has held off winter for now.  Color and warm days have given way to brisk mornings and frost.  Winter is knocking and welcomed as it brings forth different forgotten memories.  Soups, holidays and snow. 

 Leila knowing her boundaries.  Good girl!
The best part of life is these TWO.  In April we welcome...this.  Avery has brought to my attention so many things.  I never missed the moon until she discovered it.  Then it went to new moon.  Do you know how long it takes to go full circle!  I was getting mad at it! Putting my electric tooth brush in Avery's mouth is hilarious.  Watching Avery make fun of mommy's morning sickness.  Driving the speed limit.  Hugging.  The volume of my voice.  Exercising so I don't die or have a stroke.  I can't think of anymore because i'm tired right now.  
Welcome little one.  May you grow the way the Lord desires.  May I have the strength to raise you the way God intended.  I pray for patients, a humble spirit and a passion to fight for your heart.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Blog site!

For new updates and lots of pictures, follow us here:

Sunday, December 2, 2012


If you are wondering why we haven't posted that is because our Picasa storage is full.  I have to take some time to figure out how to fix this.  I apologize as we have lots of great photos to share coming soon!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear to us...our Bug is six months!

She's six months.  She's sitting, rolling, confidently throwing around jibberish to make conversation with her mom and dad, and gaining an unbelievable personality.
She blesses.  She blesses me.  She smiles when she sees me.  An innocence that I soak up.  She knows me as her protector, her provider and her father.  She blesses me as I serve her. 

 She blesses others.  With one picture of her off my phone I have the trust of 80 year old ladies on the first day of their treatments.

 We want her to be a blessing.  We want her to know what it means to serve others before herself.

 Avery June is our first.  She has lead Katie and I into a deeper level of commitment and servanthood than we could have ever expected.
 These two are the reason I live.  My prayer is that they will be taken care of the rest of their lives.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Five days of Fun.

September 29th was a good day.  It was the day Kaleb, one of my very closest friends, rushed to the alter before his beautiful bride to be Teanna had a chance to change her mind.  
 The wedding was great but that's not where we started.  Wednesday ended with a simple bachelor party planning that ballooned to a group of 10 by the end of the night.

Thursday night we headed to Manito Park for a little competition, fellowship and brats. 
One of the many challenges of the night was a IPA pairing...
A three legged race (don't ask)...
and a football game. 
Friday night we headed North of Kettle Falls for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Kaleb landed the groomsmen a killer hang out spot for Friday night right on the river.
It was a giant garage w/ a TV, at least 7 full size beds and a giant tractor.
 The beds were up on a loft.

K-flex, with the brothers, Jeremy and Jason. 
 The next day Brandon, Jeremy and I were put in charge of picking up the ice for the reception.  It's a small town and things don't always operate the way they should.  When we arrived they were closed so I called a random number which happened to be the owner's wife.  She told me to go around back and if someone was there I could get the ice.  No one was there but the door was unlocked and ice we got!
 Jason and Joel ironing their shirts while Brandon picked the music.
 The set up was beautiful and the weather was near perfect.

The groomsmen with the groom. 
 This was the second wedding we've attended with Avery.  There is something great about being with her at weddings.  I attempted to dance with her during one of the songs but she freaked out on that dance floor.  Uh oh, she may have her mom's dancing gene.
 Three very protective "uncles."  

 Kaleb couldn't have picked a better bunch of guys.  It was such a blessing to get together with them for a few days.

 The reception consisted of dinner, a roast of the bride and groom, and dancing of course.

The groomsmen w/ papa Rich, Joel's dad, who always seems to appear for such occasions- kind of like a leprechaun looking for it's lost pot of gold. 
 A small bay hidden from wind and a delightful view during the ceremony.

Avery June was a trooper, as usual, throughout it all. 
And we left with this. Those that were present gathered for a last picture before calling it a night.  Until we meet again!!